Vipers at the Footy Show

Vipers at the Footy Show
Martin Mac Viper - Resolution X - Lighting & Rigging - Vipers at the Footy Show AFL

The AFL Footy Show Grand Final edition has always been a big project. When designer Rohan Thornton decided to use Martin LC Panels he knew he would need quite a few and so he turned to Resolution X to supply the seventy-two panels required.

Behind the stage fifty-six panels were used to create a wall 28m wide and 4m high. This included a centre section that would fly to create a stage entrance. Above the stage, eight panels made the centre of the diamond at 4m x 4m. Another eight single panels were out-rigged of truss around the diamond. This three-tiered design gave great depth to the stage.

Rohan ran the system with four Hippotizers along with a Spyder supplied from Massteknik. The Hippotizers ran all of the media while the Spyder distributed it over the screen. This allowed the LC’s to carry both media server footage and live content.

“It was an outstanding success,” reported Rohan. “We as an industry are one step closer to being ‘Lighting/Visual’.”

To assemble this system ResX drew not only on their own stock but also freighted panels from other suppliers around the country.

“It was a logistical challenge as not only did we have to build this massive system but we had to get the panels straight back out again to other projects – such is the demand to use the LC’s” said Tim Hall.

The Martin Mac Viper recently took out the PLASA 2012 award for innovation and boasts a far brighter output than all fixtures in the 1200watt range, 1:5 super-fast zoom with auto-linked focus, CMY mixing plus 8 slot colour wheel and 5 + 5 rotating gobos with an additional 4 fixed gobos.

The Vipers along with ResX’s new Mac Auras, Mac 301, Mac TW1s, Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700s, iPix Satellites and Coolux Pandora’s Box media servers were used to great effect by Footy Show LD Rohan Thornton.

2nd October, 2012