ResX (Beam) Shaping the Future

ResX (Beam) Shaping the Future

Resolution X is proud to add the world’s first 700 watt automated fixture with framing system to their moving light arsenal. After a huge demand for the Clay Paky Alpha 1500 Profiles the choice of the smaller, lighter version was an easy one to make.

The Clay Paky Alpha 700 Profile comes with most of the features of the 1500 in a fixture that is almost half the weight making them perfect for theatre & corporate shows where size and load limits are an issue. Along with the framing system which can rotate the blades and the module through 180° is the superior optics and output the Alpha range has become known for. The 700 Profile is also the quietest in the Alpha range (fan noise as low as 40dB in energy-saving mode).

The Alpha 700 Profile also comes with seven rotating and index-able gobos plus built –in CMY colour mix and a colour wheel (8 + white) with sought after colours. One of the most functional new additions is the Stay-Sharp-Zoom which keeps gobos or the shutter blades in focus while zooming through the range of 11° – 55°. Clay Paky has also poured much time and research into their new Dyna-Cue-Creator function which synchronizes gobos, zoom, focus, iris and dimmer into macro effects that can be customized and applied to single or groups of fixtures.

Clay Paky Alpha 700 Profile


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