Indigenous Light Experience at Gumbuya World Brought to Life

Indigenous Light Experience at Gumbuya World Brought to Life

Resolution X has partnered with Gumbuya World to unveil ‘Gumbuya Dreaming,’ a unique Indigenous digital light experience blending the splendour of nature with a celebration to Aboriginal culture.

‘Gumbuya Dreaming’ is masterfully created and produced by Yarnology, an Indigenous multimedia, event, and entertainment firm led by acclaimed Indigenous artist Wayne Quilliam. The Resolution X team collaborated closely with Yarnology, lending our expertise to bring to life stunning light installations and captivating soundscapes for an engaging and immersive experience. The team also had a great time getting up close with the animals!

This limited-time adventure invites guests to explore carefully curated Dreaming Zones throughout Gumbuya World Theme Park, each showcasing the beauty of flowers, the mesmerising dance of fire and water, and the majestic allure of land and animals. Additionally, visitors can partake in a vibrant live smoking ceremony at the park’s entrance, indulge in a variety of thrilling and leisurely rides, and indulge in delicious foods from a selection of food trucks, all while taking in a breathtaking light display.

With a team rich in skills and expertise, ResX is adept at providing full service and staffing support for projects of all scales. It was a pleasure to contribute and be actively involved in bringing this exceptional project to fruition.

‘Gumbuya Dreaming’ kicks off this long weekend on Saturday 8th of June and runs until Sunday 21st July.

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