LED Profile have arrived

LED Profile have arrived

Resolution X is pleased to announce they now offer two options in LED Profile. The ETC Lustr 2 and ShowPro eProfile FC , both offer superior colour mixing covering an amazing spectrum from fully saturated reds and blues through to subtle pastels tones. The colour range is enough to keep even the most discerning lighting designer happy. Both units also offer a range of dimming curves and are able to emulate a traditional tungsten source.

LED profiles have been in the market for a while now but it has taken some years to come up to the standard required for theatre, television and corporate shows. The  Lustr 2 and  eProfile FC meet and in some ways exceed the standard expected from a conventional profile. Both of the new LED profiles being stocked by Resolution X produce a tune-able white from 2800K – 6500K as well as the ability to colour mix. These new LED profiles are conservative on power and heat not to mention you only need to rig one fixture to cover your all your colours without the need for a pesky scrollers. 

LED Profile

ETC Lustr 2 LED Profile

ETC have led the way in LED profile with the Lustr 2 and their patented x7 colour LED array which utelises a lime-green emitter. The Lime-green in the LED profile  means the Lustr 2  can produce ambers, straw and pinks covering a wider colour spectrum that many other LED systems leave behind. The LED profile works well as a colour mixing front light (or key light), gobo projector or set wash. The Lustr 2  also takes all standard Source Four accessories

LED Profile

ShowPro eProfile FC LED profile


The new ShowPro eProfile FC LED profile has been a real hit  with everyone who has tested them. The LED system uses Red, Green, Blue, Amber and Lime emitters to create an extremely flat field and flawless dimming with a selection of dimming curves available. The eProfile FC LED profile is almost silent making it perfect for both studio and theatre environments. Gobo projection even at close range is not a problem for this LED profile and turns a moonlight decal wash  into a daylight leafy break up in the matter of seconds. All of these features inside a great build quality body at a very reasonable hire cost. 

If you would like a demo or hire of either of these exciting LED profile please contact our friend staff at ResX@ResolutionX.com.au

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