Global F01 U Frame Top Beam 850mm – Black

Global F01 U Frame Top Beam 850mm – Black

The Global Truss U-Frame is a flexible solution for creating customised drop positions for fixtures. Comprised of lightweight modules and sections, the U-Frame allows endless configurations for single fixtures, double hangs or ladders of multiple fixtures, which can also be expanded to create a wall of hanging positions.
ResX stocks the 850mm U-Frame, but this can be customised using standard Global F01 components, allowing for many creative options and increased flexibility.
The U-Frame system has been designed for quick deployment and takedown in any environment. For both sizes, the lightweight aluminium construction design is reinforced to provide added durability and stability. Handy safety point attachments are fitted on each side of the U-Frame to cater for multiple fixture types.


Global Truss


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