Clay Paky Alpha Profile 700

Clay Paky Alpha Profile 700

The Alpha Profile 700 is the only 700 watt automated spotlight with framing system available on the market. Focal distances have been optimised for an effective framing of well focused patterns, with triangles and quadrangles of all shapes and sizes. Programming is enormously simplified, thanks to the color-macros and the Dyna-Cue-Creator function; the extraordinary Stay-Sharp-Zoom function (patented) keeps images in focus while the zoom runs from one beam angle to another, even when projected effects are located on different focal planes.

  • 700W discharge lamp
  • Optical unit with extremely high luminous efficiency (28,500 lux at 5 m).
  • Incredibly small (head length = 455 mm)
  • 11 – 55° electronic linear zoom. Additional angle: 7,6°
  • Stay-Sharp-Zoom function for automatic focusing (patented)
  • CMY colour system + colour wheel + linear CTO
  • Patented framing system, adjustable over 90°
  • Shapes and triangles of various proportions and sizes
  • “Total curtain effect” with single blade
  • Graphic system: 7 rotating gobos + 9 facet prism
  • Special 16-blade mechanical iris
  • Dyna-Cue-Creator on a special channel for fast artistic programming
  • Intercahngeable frost filter
  • 0-100% hybrid dimmer (electronic + mechanical)
  • Three-phase pan/tilt motor for perfectly silent operation
  • High performance electronics and firmware
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance
  • Extremely silent: 43 dBA (41 dBA in “half power” mode)
Weight 34 kg

Clay Paky


Incredibly small (head length = 455 mm)


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