ProShop Air Base/Dome

ProShop Air Base/Dome

Consisting of two completely different applications, the Pro Shop Air Base is possibly one of the most versatile tools available.

Firstly, the base of the unit has a secure and wide velcro strip around the top – on to this you can attach the strong, clear plastic cover. This provides temporary weather protection for lighting fixtures. Suitable for both profiles or wash fixtures, tested with fixtures using lamp powers of up to 700watt and it performs perfectly. This Air Base will keep your lighting fixtures dry, even if the rain turns up to your outdoor event. It allows you to place fixtures outside without any concern of water damage.

An internal fan keeps the plastic cover inflated and away from the fixture. A single power and data feed are required. The fixture takes its power from a socket on the inside of the dome. A pressure sensor is included so that should the Air Dome lose pressure it cuts off the power to the fixture to ensure no damage can come to the fixture or the Air Dome.

The second feature of the Air Base is the capability to also work as a large lighting effect. Coming complete with two large cones the internal fan pushes the cone high and then keeps them tight. Two cone heights are included, a 5 metre and an 8 metre high cone. By placing a high powered light source on the inside the translucent cone lights up in any colour you wish.

Requires Resolution X staff

Weight 36.2 kg
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 28.5 cm

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Requires Resolution X staff


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