Puffing Billy – Train of Lights Show Returns!

Puffing Billy – Train of Lights Show Returns!

Puffing Billy, a renowned Victorian tourist gem nestled in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges, has been a beloved part of the hills community for over a century. Its nostalgic charm and cultural significance have attracted both locals and tourists alike, creating cherished memories for generations.

This winter, the popular Puffing Billy – Train of Lights Show makes a triumphant return to Victoria’s picturesque hillside for the third consecutive year. Once again, Resolution X has proudly partnered with the esteemed steam train to bring even more magic than before to this unique experience.

In recent months, the ResX team, under the skilled direction of veteran lighting designer Tim Newman, has meticulously crafted something truly extraordinary. With over 30 years of expertise in lighting and technical production, both locally and internationally, Tim Newman possesses a remarkable talent for crafting memorable moments that appeal to audiences of all ages.

The Train of Lights show seamlessly blends the timeless allure of steam locomotion with the contemporary charm of LED technology, promising passengers an unforgettable journey through the enchanting Dandenong Ranges. As daylight fades and the crisp winter air sets in, passengers embark on a captivating 2.5-hour adventure from Lakeside Station to Gembrook. Along the historic narrow-gauge track, the train comes alive with a mesmerising array of lights and colours, casting an enchanting glow against the night sky.

The Train of Lights show runs from June 28 to July 21, offering a magical experience for all. Tickets are available to purchase from Thursday, May 23 at 10am, until sold out.

Additionally, the show can be witnessed traveling between Emerald Lakeside and Gembrook stations every night during the school holidays, offering a breathtaking sight for spectators of all ages.

Follow this link for more info: https://puffingbilly.com.au/events/tol-tickets-on-sale-soon2024/

Photography credit: Kathie M Thomas and Tracylandscapes