ResX launches a new compact Plug-and-Program control System

ResX launches a new compact Plug-and-Program control System

Resolution X has recently developed a new compact plug-and-program control system utilising  the MA Lighting Command Wing. The team at ResX and their clients needed a powerful console with a small footprint that was also simple to set up, the MA onPC Command Wing System was born. The system features a 55cm touchscreen and all of the accessories you would expect from a full console like keyboard, mouse and inbuilt LittLite.

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The MA onPC Command Wing System has been developed with simplicity of setup in mind, you need only plug in the power and data outputs, power it on and you’re ready to start programming. Even if the show has been programmed on a larger MA2 console just load the show via one of the two inbuilt USB ports and you’re ready to start playing back cues. The MA onPC Command Wing System also features a HDMI port for a second monitor  and networking port

The MA onPC Command Wing System made its debut on Whitenight Melbourne 2017 in the Carlton Gardens. Despite its small size the system controlled three separate elements simultaneous, The Pyrophone Juggernaut, Rhythms of the Night on the Royal Exhibition Buildings and 40 Hercules  lighting up trees leading to the Royal Exhibition buildings.

MAonPCCWS  IMG_2946   Whitenight_2017_Rhythms_of_the_night

The MA onPC Command Wing System  has all the features of an MA 2 console with a much smaller footprint which is ideal when space at FOH or in the truck is at a premium. Despite the compact size the MA onPC Command Wing System it still has all the processing power needed for modern lighting rigs. The system can control up to 2048 parameters straight out of the box which can be expanded to 4096 parameters by adding and an onPC fader wing or MA NPU.

The MA onPC Command Wing System features;

  • 55cm touchscreen
  • 2 x 5pin DMX outputs
  • 2 x USB ports
  • Cat 5 port
  • HDMI port
  • LED LittlLite
  • Keyboard


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