ResX welcomes Quantum Wash and Viper Performance

ResX welcomes Quantum Wash and Viper Performance

Resolution X has continued to increase their inventory with two new additions from the Martin MAC family of fixtures. The MAC Quantum Wash and MAC Viper Performance. The MAC Quantum Wash produces a flat even field from 750 watts worth of RGBW LEDs and a zoom range of 11°-53° plus a ‘beam twister’ means the Quantum Wash also doubles as a mid-air effect. The Martin MAC Viper Performance builds on the already hugely popular Viper Profile and adds shaping shutters and a real bi-directional animation wheel.

Viper Performance

Martin MAC Viper Performance

The Viper Profile has been a very popular fixture at Resolution X already “The optics and output on the Vipers has enabled us to do more complex gobo projection work, the images are so crisp and register in high ambient light conditions or over long throws” commented Jamie Russell Senior Manager Hire and Production “The Vipers have been hugely reliable and the zoom range means we’ve been able to do more with less units in the air”.   The Viper Performance features a half minus green filter on the colour wheel perfect for key light for camera. The other features on the Viper performance also include,

  • 2600 Lumens with a very flat field and 6000K coloour temp
  • Large 140mm front lens for fat beam looks
  • CMY colour mix
  • Linear CTO daylight to tungsten
  • Super fast iris
  • soft frost filter
  • 1:4 zoom range
  • Four shutter blades individually adjustable +/- 30° while the whole system can rotate +/- 50°
  • 5 rotating interchangeable glass gobos. Positioned close to the shutters
  • bi-directional animation wheel
  • 7-slot color wheel,  Static colors and correction filters for added color choice and bump effects
  • Dimmer/shutter for intensity effects, instant black out or smooth fade times and strobing
  • 4 facet prism
Quantum Wash

Martin MAC Quantum Wash

The MAC Quantum Wash is one of the brightest LED wash fixtures on the market, quality optics and colour mixing haven’t been comprised  in achieving this output. The Quantum Wash is like the big brother to the MAC Aura which has been a stable for many years in Resolution X rigs. The Quantum wash ‘s relatively small form factor allows LDs and techs to achieve coverage and colour washes previously only achieveable with huge discharge fixtures. The Quatum wash also has a few tricks up it’s sleeve with the eye-candy aura effect, rotating front lens. The features also include.Bright and perfect RGBW LED wash light for demanding applications

  • Bright and perfect RGBW LED wash light for demanding applications
  • Highly efficient optical system
  • Beamtwister effects
  • Super high-speed movement
  • fast 1:5 zoom range
  • Eye -candy aura effect
  • low weight and compact design


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