LightPHONIC had its maiden performance as part of the 2022 Christmas Festival by the City Of Melbourne, proudly supported by the Victorian Government.


This special Christmas edition of LightpHONIC had a musical composition written especially for the festival by collaborators Jamie Russell And David Bartholomeusz that included nods to traditional Christmas classics, whilst also embracing modern festive songs which fostered Christmas spirit amongst the conductor and audience.


Utilising state-of-the-art lighting technology and high output LED, the audience ‘picked up the baton’ of a traditional symphony orchestra by stepping behind our custom-designed control board to interact with the individual large-scale buttons that bring each orchestral section to life.  The orchestra was represented by unique lighting artwork, arranged as per the orchestra and reflecting the layers of the musical arrangement with vibrant colours, beams, projected patterns, shards and floods of light. As the instruments are chosen by the operator and heard through the composition, their physical section in front of the audience—represented by a series of professional lighting fixtures—will bounce to life, closely imitating the instrument timbre and rhythm of the accompaniment.


Visitors to the installation have the rare opportunity to hear how each section of an orchestra comes together to create a complete work. Users press and hold buttons to hear specific parts being played by each instrument. Children, music students and educational facilities alike will thoroughly enjoyed the interactive elements of this piece.

LightPHONIC was created and produced by Resolution X and proudly supported by the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government, and is available for hire for any event and can be customised for any musical style or season. Get in touch to discuss how LightPHONIC can transform your next event!
Creative Director: Jamie Russell
Composition: David Batholomeusz
Lighting Design: Chad Spencer
Project Management: Andrew Davies
29th December, 2022