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Company Profile

Resolution X was founded with a core vision to provide the best quality rental equipment backed by the best people and service. Since 1998 we have delivered this quality and have grown to be one of the largest providers of rental lighting and rigging equipment in Australia.

We are leaders in bringing new and innovative equipment to market, with continued investment in new hire inventory. We also maintain our entire inventory to the highest standards to ensure safety and reliability. More importantly, this equipment is supported by the finest people – a dedicated team that is enthusiastic about all challenges and provides a focus on unique and cost effective project solutions.

Resolution X offers lighting and rigging equipment through our professional dry hire service with 24 hour support. We also present full staffing support for all projects nationwide and we can provide concept development, lighting design, project management, installation, operation and removal services.

 Our Company Values

Exceed Expectations Always

Exceed our clients and colleagues expectations across all areas of the business.


Be honest, ethical and genuine.


Lead by example and take responsibility for our actions.


Commitment to excellence in all we do while always striving to improve.


We listen to our clients and colleagues and value others opinions.


A commitment to training and continual self-improvement.


We work as a team with a commitment to each other.


Determination to innovate and constantly improve systems.


Delivering our very best in all we do.


Enjoy our work.

Meet the Team

Whether it is for an Event, Promotion or any Hire large or small – Resolution X has got you covered.

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Architectural Lighting



Product Launches



Fashion Parades



Corporate Events






Logo Projection



Unusual Projects









The Lightmoves Group

Resolution X is part of the Lightmoves Group of companies who all operate within the architectural and entertainment fields. This includes Lightmoves Pty Ltd who specialise in sales and system solutions and Browns Precision Welding, a specialist metal fabricator. In 2013 the Lightmoves Group acquired the assets of Lots of Watts  in Sydney, which now operates as an interstate office  for Lightmoves  sales and Resolution X hire with audio, lighting and rigging capabilities. As part of the Lightmoves group, we offer a vast knowledge base, extensive experience and effective solutions.

Resolution X and the entire Lightmoves group is a 100% Australian owned and operated. We employ in excess of 50 full time staff with a pool of over 80 freelance and part time staff utilised as required. We invest heavily in equipment, staff training and we support and sponsor many arts and education programs in support of our local industry.