MKTG ‘Celebration of Sport’ at the MCG 2024

MKTG ‘Celebration of Sport’ at the MCG 2024

Last month, the second annual Celebration of Sport event took place at the renowned MCG, presented by MKTG Sports + Entertainment in association with SportNXT. Industry leaders gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the sporting sector in Australia across the globe.

Off the back of the global SportNXT Conference held in Melbourne, the Celebration of Sport was attended by global sports, marketing, and industry executives, in addition to local codes including AFL, NRL, CA, WSL and more.

ResX proudly supported the event, providing guests the opportunity to partake in a once in a lifetime ‘team run-on’ experience. We also integrated LED sports lighting control throughout the stadium to elevate the game day or event experience. In addition, our next generation of lighting fixtures were on show, demonstrating their versatility and potential to elevate future sporting events at the MCG and beyond.

The Skylos blew the event away. This powerful laser source searchlight punctuated the sky above the MCG, also casting a mesmerising light display across the stadium grounds and empty stands. With its unparalleled power and capability, the Skylos proved to be the perfect match for Melbourne’s iconic home of sports.

Accompanying the Skylos were a fleet of Ayrton Domino LT’s and ShowPRO Shark Hybrid’s. The Domino LT (Long Throw) is designed for intensive outdoor use in long-distance applications requiring high precision, along with the Shark Hybrid which offers versatility with its bright defined beam, interchangeable options and various colours. Both complimented the Skylos brilliantly by adding colour and texture to the spectacle with clarity and force.

ResX is thrilled to be the first to bring the Clay Paky Skylos to the Australian market. This event served as a fantastic reminder of the impact and versatility of these game changing fixtures on a grand stage.

Planning a large-scale outdoor event? Let the impressive Skylos be your ultimate wow factor! Get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your event or project needs.

8th May, 2024