Planetshakers Conference 2024

Planetshakers Conference 2024

Our partners at Planetshakers entrusted ResX yet again to deliver the stage lighting and rigging package at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre in January to help bring their massive three-day experience to life.

Now in it’s twenty-eighth year, the Planetshakers Conference has grown exponentially and now takes place in multiple cities across the globe including Melbourne, Brisbane, Hong Kong and Cape Town.

Paul Collisons’ lighting design for the Melbourne event delivered in spades and was dominated by the mighty powerful ROXX Cluster B2 FC Blinder, an all-new full-color blinder taking the industry by storm. Brighter than a DWE blinder, it consumed an astonishing 60% less power, showcasing ResX’s commitment to cutting-edge and sustainable technology. The impact of this leading fixture was undeniable, contributing significantly to the immersive atmosphere of the conference.

The rig also featured the impressive ShowPro Diamond Back LED Bar. New to the resX range, this versatile product provides more than your standard tilting LED bar as it combines two lines of strobe capable pixels to create dazzling effects which were beautifully on show at the Planetshakers conference 2024. The lighting line up was complemented by an array of Chauvet Color Strike M Strobes and a range of Ayrton products including the Huracan Wash and Perseo and Domino Profiles. These additions played a role in elevating the overall experience.

All of this was seamlessly controlled by MA3 Hardware and Luminex network infrastructure operated by David Pike and Julian Williams, ensuring precision and synchronisation in the lighting execution. Their expertise in managing the intricate technical aspects of the lighting production contributed to the overall success of the event.

Special thanks to our event partners, Matt Wong at Acustoms, Norwest for audio and Woohah on video production. The collaboration between all partners played a crucial role in delivering an unforgettable event.

Resolution X remains a leader in the Australian market for outdoor entertainment solutions, offering full production design and management services. For inquiries and further discussions, get in touch with our team and find out how we can help bring your next project or event to life.

A big thank you to Planetshakers for supplying the images.

16th April, 2024