Dinosaurs Take Over Melbourne Museum

Dinosaurs Take Over Melbourne Museum

The “Home of Dinosaurs, Victoria the T. rex” is a world-class interactive exhibition running from June to October 2024 at the Melbourne Museum. The exhibition transports visitors back 66 million years ago through the Cretaceous period and features Victoria, the largest T. rex fossil ever shown in Australia, along with other real fossils, film, AR, and holography.

To bring this unique experience to life, Museums Victoria engaged ResX to provide custom gobo projections, an advanced control system, and a fully engineered outdoor truss structure specifically designed for the event.

Chosen for their ability to withstand Melbourne’s ever-changing weather, the Ayrton Domino LT Profiles have been used to project dynamic gobos that significantly enhance each prehistoric display throughout the show. Their impressive output and performance boost the overall impact and magnificence of the exhibition, making this pre-historic world come alive in stunning light and detail.

In addition to ResX’s skilled team and advanced equipment, we also utilised our proprietary XConnect system. This innovative technology allows us to remotely monitor the installations from our office, ensuring smooth operation around the clock.

We extend a big thanks to our friends at Gobotech for their top-notch service and support, as always.

The “Home of Dinosaurs, Victoria the T. rex” runs from now until Sunday, October 20.

Tickets can be purchased here: https://museumsvictoria.com.au/melbournemuseum/whats-on/victoria-the-t-rex/related/