Clay Paky Panify (IP66)

Clay Paky Panify (IP66)

Advanced motorised platform that turns fixtures, scenery, signs and screens into dynamic effects. Equipped with endless pan rotation at various speed (up to 43 RPM), a maximum payload of 30kg, the ability to hang at any angle and fully DMX controllable.

Panify is a new motorised platform that enables new dynamic effects to be produced from static fixtures. Fitted with an endless pan motor capable of running at speeds up to 43RPM (under 20kg) and up to 22RPM (20-30kg), the platform is quick and precise. The Panify is not limited to rotating lighting fixtures and could be used to turn scenery, signs, screens and more. The unit is IP66 rated and can be used and hung in any position. Panify has two power inputs – one input for the unit itself and the other for the mounted fixture. The innovative design of the unit’s crossbeam, allows the attached fixture to be connected without concerns of tangled power or DMX cables when using the endless pan feature. The Panify is a great addition to any of the ResX stock of moving and static bar lights.

Weight 13.8 kg
Dimensions 39.1 × 29.5 × 25.3 cm



Running Current (Amps)




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