ResX Expands CT+ Profile Product Line

ResX Expands CT+ Profile Product Line

Our recent acquisition of over 700 units of the remarkable CT+ Profile lighting fixtures, which includes the ECL Profile CT+ and CT+ IP, is a testament to our keen eye for quality. These fixtures have already showcased their exceptional capabilities, leaving a lasting impact in various environments, from major commercial productions to immersive outdoor events.

The ECL Profile CT+ and its outdoor counterpart, the CT+IP, represent a pinnacle in LED ellipsoidal lighting technology. Both fixtures boast six-colour mixing capabilities, ensuring superior light quality and precise control across a diverse range of applications.

With the ECL Profile CT+, users can achieve stunningly bright whites with up to 97 CRI, thanks to its custom LED array and powerful onboard colour control. The fixture’s extensive feature set includes specialised theatrical functions like tungsten emulation and colour presets, as well as studio functions such as green and magenta tuning on white presets. Whether for theatrical productions, concerts, or architectural lighting, the CT+ offers unmatched versatility and performance.

On the other hand, the CT+IP is tailored for outdoor environments. Despite being designed for exterior applications, it shares the same six-colour LED source and features as its indoor counterpart, ensuring consistent colour output and high-quality whites. With features like tungsten emulation on dimming and colours, as well as virtual CTO, the CT+IP delivers exceptional performance even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Together, they set a remarkable standard for versatility and performance across both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. That’s why ResX has strategically focused on expanding this exceptional product line, as we continue to lead the way in advanced lighting and innovation.