ShowPRO Dreampix Driver IP

ShowPRO Dreampix Driver IP

The Dreampix Driver 1800 IP is the latest generation Dreampix driver compatible with the Dreampix IP Strips. One driver can power and control up to 20 Dreampix IP Strips, with a maximum of 10 per output.

The Driver 1800 is IP65 rated, and like its predecessor acts as an ART-NET interface, receiving control commands and sending out power and data over 4 pin XLR. The driver can be mounted in a rack or on truss, and can be controlled via RDM.

Similar to the Driver 600, the Driver 1800 also auto-addresses all connected Dreampix products.

Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 48.3 × 26.3 × 8.4 cm

Running Current (Amps)





1x Dreampix Driver 1800 IP driver can power and control up to 20 Dreampix IP Strips, Max 10 Strips per output

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