ResX Helps Light Up The Darkness’ Aus Tour with new ShowPRO R2 and R3 Fixtures

ResX Helps Light Up The Darkness’ Aus Tour with new ShowPRO R2 and R3 Fixtures

Lighting Up Two Decades: The Darkness Rocks Australia with Spectacular ‘Permission to Land’ Anniversary Shows Featuring ResX’s new ShowPRO R2 and R3 Fixtures from Show Technology.

UK Rock Royalty, The Darkness, recently celebrated 20 years of their ‘Permission to Land’ album with exclusive shows in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The brilliance of their performance wasn’t just limited to the music, it extended to the visual spectacle created by lighting designer David Garcia. Garcia unleashed a beautiful stage design inspired by the iconic ‘Permission to Land’ album cover, turning the performance space into a spectacular airport runway for the night.

Key to the lighting rig design for the show was ResX’s latest ShowPRO R2 and R3 fixtures. These lighting elements played a pivotal role in elevating the overall experience. The R2, with individual LED control and an expansive zoom range of 4-60 degrees, delivered a diverse array of captivating graphic and aerial effects through macros. Complementing this was the compact R3, which added a powerful punch with its impressive output. Both fixtures contributed to the visual brilliance of the show and were essential to this magnificent production.

‘The R2 and R3 are the perfect addition to our equipment line up as they provide amazing value to any budget big or small’ remarks Jamie Russell, General Manager. ‘The native warm white LED’s allow these to be a really versatile fixture for our clients right across the spectrum from rock n roll to lighting a dinner table’.

The R2 Beam Wash has an impressive output from its 19x 40W LED chips. These added pixels enable opportunities to pixel map the fixture or to use built-in effect macros to create interesting eye-candy effects. It also features a hue, saturation and tint adjustment (green-magenta). It’s brother, the R3 Beam Wash, is a lightweight, punchy fixture featuring 7x 40W LED chips and a homogenized lens. It has two 16-bit pan/tilt speed modes, normal and turbo, giving flexible options depending on the use case.

Both fixtures feature an impressive zoom range which enables them to create wide beam effects as well as producing smooth and even washes. With a RGB+Warm White LED engines, a diverse colour palette is achievable, ranging from vibrant saturated colours to soft pastels.

For organisers looking to incorporate these dynamic and budget-friendly fixtures into their corporate or entertainment events, ResX now offers the R2 and R3 in hire. Reach out today to discover how these flexible lighting solutions can bring your next event to life.