Sutherland Shire Teams Up with ResX for “Cronulla Vibes”

Sutherland Shire Teams Up with ResX for “Cronulla Vibes”

Resolution X recently partnered with the Sutherland Shire to light up the stage at “Cronulla Vibes,” a vibrant community event showcasing local talent, family entertainment, and cultural experiences. Crowds flocked to Cronulla Beach for an unforgettable concert lineup headlined by Jon Stevens, along with performances by Nicole De, Navy Band, Isaiah Firebrace, and Paulini.

Resolution X showcased their expertise by crafting a meticulously designed rig, anchored by the impressive Ayrton Perseo S fixture, a go-to choice for any setting. This IP65-rated fixture excelled in the outdoor seaside environment, ensuring reliability without compromising on output or features.

Complementing this, the ROXX Cluster B2 provided dynamic lighting effects from day to night, with its flicker-free operation, customisable dimming curves, and adaptable shift-to-warm functionality adding to the overall brilliance of the show.

In tandem with these standout fixtures, the awe-inspiring ShowPro Neptune 400FX Wash and the Chauvet Color Strike M Strobe helped transform the stage with vibrant lighting effects. The Neptune 400FX Wash, equipped with a built-in HSIC system, offered effortless colour mixing and precise pixel control, ideal for the outdoor concert setting. Meanwhile, the Color Strike M Strobe, with its motorised capabilities and diverse programming options, injected depth and excitement into the visual display with every pulse of light.

Beyond lighting, Resolution X also provided state-of-the-art audio equipment for the event. Featuring premium gear such as the Yamaha QL5 FOH & Monitors and the renowned D&b V8 Line Array with B22 Subs, the setup ensured expansive venue coverage and impeccable sound quality. Shure ULXD Radio Microphones delivered crystal-clear vocals, complemented by Shure PXM900 In-Ear Monitors for performer monitoring.

We were delighted to have been involved in bringing this exceptional local event to life.