Ayrton Diablo S Numbers Soar At Resolution X

Ayrton Diablo S Numbers Soar At Resolution X

It seems that Ayrton is all the rage, as resX investment into the Ayrton Diablo S quickly soars towards 100 units.

“We can’t keep up with demand for these units,” remarks Jamie Russell, General Manager at resX. “They are appearing across so many technical riders, from long-term television projects, commercial theatre productions and live music, everyone wants them!”

The Diablo has the honour of being the most compact, lightweight, and efficient fixture in its category and boasts an impressive output while only weighing an amazing 21.8 kg making it a great choice for a touring production where truck space is at a premium.

The unit provides a 7.5:1 zoom ratio within a range of 7° to 53° combined with a 119 mm frontal lens producing an exceptionally uniform flat beam, ensuring impeccable image rendering in all conditions and at any beam angle.

Adding to their rich feature set is their rock-solid reliability, one of the prime reasons the resX team have been more than happy to keep adding them to their growing inventory list.

“We very rarely see them come through our service department,” continues Jamie. “Which allows us the assurance and confidence to recommend them to our customers.”

The Diablo sits alongside an array of Ayrton products recently acquired by Resolution X, including the Domino Profile in the LT and TC variant, the Perseo S and the Huracán Wash with more exciting Ayrton products in the pipeline into 2024.

“Our partners at Show Technology are so supportive and responsive to our needs and are quick to bring stock into the country when we need to meet our customer’s specifications,” says Tim Hall, Managing Director. “They have always been, and will continue to be, a vital partner for the business as we grow.”