Noble Park Warehouse Transformation

Noble Park Warehouse Transformation

Following the rebuild of our Melbourne home over the latter part of 2023, we took the opportunity to implement several significant improvements that have transformed our facility.

These upgrades have included:

New Mezzanines: We added two brand new mezzanines, gaining over 180 square meters of additional warehouse space. This expansion has been instrumental in boosting our operational efficiency by providing more storage capacity and better-organised work areas.

Open Prep Space: A new 200 square meter open prep space has been introduced to the warehouse. This area is designed to streamline our production processes, allowing for more seamless workflow and greater flexibility in handling various tasks.

Re-imagined Warehouse Racking Plan: We have re-imagined our warehouse racking plan, which has resulted in significant efficiency gains. The new layout maximises our storage capabilities and improves access to inventory, reducing the time and effort needed to manage stock.

New Warehouse Floor: A new warehouse floor has been installed, which greatly reduces dust and dirt accumulation. This improvement not only enhances the cleanliness of the work environment but also contributes to better product quality and safety standards.

Dedicated Battery Charging Zone: We have created a dedicated 80 square meter battery charging zone. This area is specifically designed to safely and efficiently handle the charging of batteries, which is crucial for maintaining our equipment, minimising risk of fires and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling: The office space has been upgraded with new energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. These systems provide a more comfortable working environment for our staff and contribute to our overall sustainability efforts by reducing energy consumption.

Future Plans: Our journey towards enhancing our facility is far from over. Throughout the remainder of 2024, we will be undertaking further earthworks and concreting projects. These efforts will lay the groundwork for additional structural improvements and expansions. Moreover, we have plans to continue upgrading the interior of the warehouse, ensuring that our facility remains top-class.

By making these improvements, we are not only enhancing our operational capabilities but also reinforcing our commitment to providing a better working environment for our employees and delivering higher quality products and services to our customers.