Our Crew Braving The Elements

Our Crew Braving The Elements

Winter used to be a quiet period for our industry, an opportunity to ease up and conserve energy before the bustling summer season commences. But at ResX, as temperatures drop, our demand skyrockets and our gear flies out the door!

This year, we’ve acquired nearly 4,000 outdoor lighting fixtures to support a wide array of exciting winter projects. These fixtures allow us to tackle projects of all sizes, delivering stunning and memorable events for our clients and all who attend.

Our team has been braving the elements outside building some of Australia’s premier outdoor lighting experiences. Highlights of our Winter projects include:

Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience: A nighttime woodland trail featuring magical creatures and wizarding wonders from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, brought to life by award-winning theatrical designers and experiential creators. This magical event has welcomed over 150,000 delighted visitors.

Lightscape Melbourne: Running through to August 4, this popular, immersive event overtaking the Royal Botanical Gardens in the evenings features stunning light displays that captivate audiences. This year boasts new installations like Submergence, Winter Cathedral, and Laser Forest in Fern Gully.

Gumbuya Dreaming: An indigenous light spectacle that tells cultural stories through awe-inspiring illuminations. The ResX team has crafted stunning digital light installations and evocative soundscapes for this immersive adventure, enjoying close encounters with the animals along the way.

Puffing Billy Railway ‘Train of Lights’: Our team is preparing this iconic train for three weeks of enchanting rides during the July school holidays. Passengers will enjoy a mesmerising round trip from Lakeside Station to Gembrook as the train comes to life with moving lights, colours, and immersive patterns.

What makes our crew truly unique is their dedication and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure each show is a success. This might mean swimming in near-freezing temperatures, braving wildlife encounters, getting covered in steam train soot, or dealing with creepy crawlies around outdoor fixtures in the bush. Our crew handles it all with enthusiasm, and it looks like they’re having fun doing it!

Learn more about these fantastic productions and other projects in our portfolio: https://resolutionx.com.au/portfolio/