Global F01 Pipe Curve/Circles – Silver & Black

Global F01 Pipe Curve/Circles – Silver & Black

Global F01 50mmØ Tubes are a lightweight, rated pipe available in straight lengths and curves. They are modular, and can be assembled using various accessories including angle joints, and a 6 way cube “dice”. F01 is suitable for a wide range of applications including sign frames, lighting ladders, bracing, and lightweight 3D forms.

It is available in the following curved sections:

  • 1.0m Dia 90° Curve Silver
  • 1.5m Dia 90° Curve Silver
  • 2.0m Dia 90° Curve Silver
  • 2.5m Dia 90° Curve Silver
  • 3.0m Dia 90° Curve Silver
  • 4.0m Dia 45° Curve Silver
  • 6.0m Dia 45° Curve Silver
  • 1.0m Dia 90° Curve Black
  • 1.5m Dia 90° Curve Black
  • 2.0m Dia 90° Curve Black
  • 2.5m Dia 90° Curve Black
  • 3.0m Dia 90° Curve Black

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