Prolights AIR5FAN

Prolights AIR5FAN

AIR5FAN is a pixel-FX moving head able to control the spread of its pixels through motorized lens system, passing from a sharp linear beam effect to a multi ray effect. It empowers 5x40W RGBW/FC LED, with 2° beam each, delivering stunning brightness for big setups and featuring infinite rotation over Pan and Tilt. Last but not least, AIR5FAN allows to mount a mirror on its housing, featuring an added effect as moving projecting surface bouncing beams of other light sources.


  • 5x40W RGBW Osram LED with 2° Beam angle
  • Motorized Pivot lenses from linear beam to multi ray effect
  • Infinite Pan and Tilt rotation
Weight 17.5 kg

Running Current (Amps)


Lamp Type

5x40W RGBW Osram LED


17 / 27 / 43

Beam Angle


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