Prolights Astra Hybrid330

Prolights Astra Hybrid330

The Astra Hybrid330 is a bright LED hybrid moving head that punches above its size and weight. Its optical system offers a linear range from 3.5° to 52°, and features a 140mm front lens. This unique combination enables an intense beam and homogenous spotlight, providing an exceptional lumen output and surpassing the evenness offered by arc-discharge fixture in its category.

The fixture is equipped with a linear CMY, three colour wheels, an animation wheel, dual overlapping prisms, frost, and two gobo wheels. It also produces aerial effects with a dense, parallel beam and sharp projection textures.

Key features:

  • 330W LED hybrid moving light
  • Zoom range from 3.5° to 52°
  • Full features with linear CMY, animation wheel, two gobos, three colours, two prisms, and frost
  • Low fan noise, making it suitable for use in smaller venues where ambient sound needs to be kept to a minimum

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 41.1 × 63.8 × 24.4 cm



Running Current (Amps)


Lamp Type

330W White LED

Colour Temp




Beam Angle

3.5° – 52°


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