ShowPRO R2 Beam Wash

ShowPRO R2 Beam Wash

As the big brother of the R3 Beam Wash, the R2 Beam Wash has an impressive output from its 19x 40W LED chips. These added pixels enable opportunities to pixel map the fixture or to use built-in effect macros to create interesting eye-candy effects. It has a zoom range of 4° to 60° which enables the creation of wide beam effects as well as producing an even wash. With a RGB+Warm White LED engine, a diverse colour palette is achievable ranging from vibrant saturated colours to soft pastels. It also features a hue, saturation and tint adjustment (green-magenta).

R2 Beam Wash is a great upgrade from the Pluto 4000 or cost-effective substitute for the Clay Paky Midi-B.

For a compact version, check out the R3 Beam Wash.

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 41.9 × 27.7 × 49.2 cm


Running Current (Amps)


Lamp Type

19x 40W RGBWW



Beam Angle

4°- 60°


5 pin DMX In & Out, PowerCON In & Out


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