More RJs for ResX – Victor Follow Spot

More RJs for ResX – Victor Follow Spot

Resolution X has added more Robert Juliat follow spots to their inventory. Following the popularity of the Manon follow spot and Super Korrigan follow spot, ResX has added the Victor to their range.

The Victor with it’s 1800W MSR lamp and 7°- 14.5° beam angle it is the perfect followspot for most of the medium to large sized venues around Melbourne. The uncompromising quality and ease of operation the Robert Juliat followspots made them the obvious choice for ResX.

“In the world of followspots Robert Juliat’s are second to none,” commented Marcus Pugh, Hire Manager at ResX. “The Victor’s are portable, easy to set up, and very quiet. They are also really well built so they can withstand being moved about on a regular basis without any problems. Like all Robert Juliat followspots, we expect our Victors to be reliable and rock-solid.”

The photo, courtesy of Jarrod Tucker, shows a Robert Juliat Victor on the Prime Minister Olympic Dinner.


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