New ETC Gios for ResX

New ETC Gios for ResX

The ETC range of consoles are a staple in many theatres across the country, indeed across the globe.  ETC’s Gio is used by many, not only in theatre but also live events, corporate gigs, and any large touring show with complex rigs.

With such high demand in the market, it was a no-brainer for ResX to double their stock of ETC Gio’s.  The growing popularity of the ETC range in the rental and touring markets is no doubt thanks to the advanced range of features the consoles boast.

With a fast, accessible control surface and two multi-touch displays, the Gio is an on-the-go road warrior in a tidy footprint that can handle shows of any size with ease.  Intuitive features such as magic sheets, motorised faders, and haptic encoders make programming complex shows a breeze.  The ETC Gio features;

  • Dedicated master-playback fader pair
  • 10 definable motorized faders, with 100 pages of control
  • Four pageable haptic encoders
  • Two integral articulating 12.1″ LCD multi-touch displays.
  • Supports 3 external high resolution Display Port monitors; can be single- or multi-touch
  • Three user-definable workspaces per monitor, each with discrete split-screen controls and frame management.
  • ETCNet3™ (ACN- based), ETCNet2™, Artnet and Avab® UDP protocol output
  • External Backlit alpha-numeric keyboard
  • OSC and UDP Transmit and Receive
  • Client/server networking and synchronized backup

Interested in using the ETC Gio on your next event?  Get in touch with our friendly team at ResX at



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