Follow-Me 3D Remote Followspot System

Follow-Me 3D Remote Followspot System

ResX’s Follow-Me system is a sophisticated new breed of remote followspot system. Gone are the days of dangerous & laborious truss-mounted followspots – with Follow-Me, any moving head fixture can be controlled remotely by an operator. Multiple fixtures can be tracked on a single target, all controlled by just a single user.

The Follow-Me system is configured to run entirely in standalone mode, but can also be connected to a lighting system with a GrandMA2 console (full version only). Follow-Me gives technicians complete versatility, allowing partial or full control of the fixtures from the console at any point during a show. You can even change which fixtures are being controlled by simply executing a command from either Follow-Me or a console.

ResX are excited to offer both TWO and SIX  Follow-Me 3D versions for both production and dry-hire, allowing safe and versatile follow spots for almost any budget and space.


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