Macula Remote Followspot System

Macula Remote Followspot System

Macula is a powerful remote-controlled follow-spot system, capable of transforming any moving-head light into a remotely operated follow-spot. Macula is quicker to set up compared to some other remote follow-spot solutions, with a basic 1:1 controller-to-light system taking no more than an hour to get set up and operational. As the Macula utilises a camera mounted on the moving-head light itself, the system is great for deployment in environments where mapping of the stage/event space would be difficult or impractical or where IR/RF beacon systems would not be suitable. It is also a great alternative to a Robe RoboSpot or PRG GroundControl Followspot System.


High Resolution Fluid Head

The Fluid Head in the Macula system adds the organic feel of handling a Follow-spot.

Motorised Handlebars

The system includes two motorised handlebars with assignable controls. The left handle has one fader, one shutter button and a z-roller, while the right handle features a fader, freeze movement button, one roller and 15 assignable buttons for presets.

NDI Camera

Macula uses a Birddog PF120 PoE Full HD box camera, with a maximum distance of 80m via ethernet cable. This can be extended with the use of an optional fibre system. The Macula system provides remote control of the camera zoom, focus & exposure.

Multi-Fixture Mode

The Macula system is capable of controlling additional lights of the same fixture type. Once set up, the position of additional fixtures relative to the primary fixture can be inputted into the Macula software, allowing the algorithm to keep track of XYZ in relation to the primary fixture.

The Macula System supports the saving and recall of groups of fixtures and different primary fixtures into banks. Creating banks in the system’s software enables the sharing of fixtures between multiple Macula systems and lighting consoles.

Included with the system

  • 17” Touch screen
  • Adjustable Tripod
  • 1 left motorised handlebar
  • 1 right motorised handlebar, including a keypad
  • 1 Fluid Head Encoder
  • 1 NDI Camera + camera mount

For more information about the system and how it could be best utilised to support your next job, reach out to one of our team and we’d be happy to chat through specific requirements.


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