ResX Attacks Outdoor Fixture Market with a Trident of LED Neptunes

ResX Attacks Outdoor Fixture Market with a Trident of LED Neptunes

Resolution X continues their commitment to invest in IP rated LED technology with the addition of the IP65 Neptune 400 Hybrid, Neptune 400 FX  Wash and Neptune 200 Beam from SilverStar into rental inventory.  Neptune is SilverStar’s newest range and builds on the success of the Pluto range which has been welcomed by ResX’s customers.

First to arrive – the Neptune 400 Hybrid has a wide 3-30° zoom for beam and spot applications, 300W white LED engine, dichroic colour mixing, two gobo wheels, prism & frost and an IP65 rating.  “We tested the Neptune 400 Hybrid outdoors over a 200m throw alongside our most popular moving LED profiles, and at the same beam angle the Neptunes are brighter” said Tim Hall, Managing Director of ResX.  “The optics on the Neptune 400 Hybrid are the best we’ve seen from an IP-rated hybrid fixture”.  Within hours of ResX’s first delivery they were out on a nationally televised event.

The Neptune 400 Hybrids are soon to be joined by the Neptune 400 FX Wash, an IP65 LED wash combining 7x 40W + 1x 60W central RGBW LED and an RGB LED ring. With pixel control, central prismatic and outer ring effects, a 5-35° zoom and weighing in at only 22kg – the Neptune 400 FX Wash really punches above its weight.

To round out the triple threat ResX are also adding the Neptune 200 Beam to stock – the ultra-compact fixture produces a sharp 1.7° beam and is the perfect complement to any outdoor event.  “We’ve been looking for the right IP rated moving heads for a while, carefully considering at all the options as they have been brought to market” added Tim.  “Given the overwhelming positive response we’ve seen with SilverStar’s Pluto washes, and their reliability as a workhorse fixture for us was a deciding factor when we looked at the Neptune range.  Being able to offer designers a sharp zooming spot, a feature-packed wash and a compact beam fixture that are built IP-rated rather than compromising on an all-in-one, or shooting through an ad-hoc waterproof enclosure is what continues to set us apart from our competition”.

The Neptune Hybrid, FX Wash, and Beam are the latest addition to over a dozen LED IP65 rated fixture types for ResX.  For more information please contact