Resolution X invests in ShowPro Pluto

Resolution X invests in ShowPro Pluto

For over 20 years Resolution X has successfully provided moving light hire with a large inventory of European and US manufactured fixtures.  We have continued to expand our inventory with new products from Ayrton, Vari*lite, Martin and Clay Paky making over 1600 rental fixtures available.

In recent years we have seen an increasing number of automated lighting products manufactured in China.  Even premium brands such as Clay Paky, Martin, Vari*lite, High End and Ayrton all have some products now manufactured there.  In late 2015 we began testing Chinese manufactured products with the introduction of the Martin Rush MH4 and MH6 to our rental fleet.  With over 250 of these units now in hire they have proved to be a reliable and cost effective option.  In fact some of our clients with highly technical requirements prefer the MH4 to a Sharpy.

With this success we embarked on a task to find our next generation of products.  Extensive testing of fixtures from a wide range of manufacturers was conducted.  Managing Director Tim Hall conducted factory visits in China, reporting “the scale and volume of manufacturing was amazing, with the processes and quality control as good as anything I have seen in Europe”.  Our extensive testing resulted in our selection of the ShowPro Pluto range from SilverStar.  Show Technology has also added SilverStar to the ShowPro range with great local support, which made the final decision even easier.

We were very confident of the quality of the Pluto range placing an initial order for over 150 Pluto 2000 & 4000 wash units.  Both wash units are brilliantly bright and crisp LED washes.  The smaller of the two, the Pluto 2000, is a 7x 40W RGBW fixture with a 4.5°- 36° beam angle and refined 16-bit dimming.  The Pluto 2000 is a close competitor to the Aura XB in terms of brightness, with a field angle that can almost cover the range that the XB delivers.  The Pluto 4000 sits nicely between the Aura XB and a Quantum Wash with 12x 40W RGBW cells, meaning it packs quite a lot of punch for a small unit.  Both models provide pixel control for beam effects and great looking mid-air effects.

“Our strategy has always been to look for the best products and provide quality to our clients” remarks Tim.  “We feel this Pluto range provides a quality product and at great value. They’ve already been working really hard for us across all of our markets.”  Since their introduction we have seen the Plutos used live & in on-camera roles and feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.  We are continuing to add to our premium products while also adding these new great value products.  Keep an eye out as more from the Pluto range is on the way.

Reach out to one of the team at Resolution X for a demo or to use these fixtures on your next event!


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