VELVET, Disco Reborn in LED

VELVET, Disco Reborn in LED

VELVET The Show Has been one of the biggest theatre hits of 2015. The show has had sell out audiences and standing ovations all over the country and it doesn’t look like it’ll stop any time soon with seasons planned for the Adelaide Fringe again in 2016 and at the Melbourne Malthouse theatre  later in the year. The show has a distinctive look provided by the large back wall of LEDs made up of over 50 Pixpads. “The director wanted a set made of light and originally looked at  Jarrags but they require a lot of power for that number plus the PixPads gave me the variety in colour to play with” commented Designer Matt Marshall .  

Before the show went into the Sydney Opera House for its latest season Matt Marshall was looking for something to replace the LED Fusion Bars that were rigged vertically behind the DJ (who is actually the Music Director and Soundtrack Producer Joe Accaria) “ResX’s custom built LED High Bays fit the bill… Visually they’re very different from the Fusion Bars but also continued on the circular theme from the PixPads”.

The rig also included,

Martin MAC Vipers 

Martin MAC Auras 

Robert Juliat Manon Follow spot 

LED Quad Pars



Photo Credit Tony Virgo

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