Mental Health of Australian Entertainment Industry Workers

Mental Health of Australian Entertainment Industry Workers

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A message from the Entertainment Assist:

Imagine a world where the mental health of entertainment industry workers was just as important as the Occupational Health and Safety regime attached to rigging and ladders…

Entertainment Assist is a charity established to support the mental health of Australian Entertainment Industry workers.

What are we doing?  Entertainment Assist is partnering with Victoria University College of the Arts to conduct world first research exploring people’s experience in the industry and associated impacts. It’s world first because it’s covering all sectors of the industry from actors, singers, dancers, circus performers, comedians, TV presenters to producers, directors, sound & lighting techs, backstage crew and roadies.

Why? This research will provide an evidence base to encourage funding into this area and inform the development of tailored mental health support and prevention programs – we believe this is absolutely vital to the future health and well being of entertainment industry workers.

If you have ever been concerned about mental health in the entertainment industry, there is finally something you can do to help.

Our aim? We need 3000 entertainment industry workers to complete an online survey by the end of March. It is a huge undertaking that we can only accomplish together.

Please help to spread the word and forward this email to your networks or utilise the pre-prepared content below to share via social media, email, blog and industry newsletters.

As one of the research participants said in an interview:
“I can’t walk away. I cannot let it go. It’s basically who I am. [We all need to do] anything we can…towards understanding what people go through, [have] more positive mental health and [help] fellow artists.”

If you have any questions or ideas about spreading the word throughout our industry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Have your say…click here to participate in our online survey.

Many thanks for your support!


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