ResX is all abuzz with new B-Eyes

ResX is all abuzz with new B-Eyes

ResX is excited to announce the arrival of their first shipment of Clay Paky B-Eye K20s.
After trailing the units on this year’s Logies awards the team couldn’t wait to get their hands on the B-Eyes.

“This is the first fixture since the Sharpy that has made me go wow out loud. They are an exciting fixture and look forward to seeing them in action.”
Tim Hall Managing Director of Resolution X

The Clay Paky B-Eye K20s offer versatility being a zoomable RGBW wash fixture with plenty of grunt. While also offering a spectacular range of effects and beam looks, created by the 37 individually controllable 15watt LEDs teamed with the rotating lens system. All this means the K20 is three lights in one, a wash, a beam and an effect light.

Click here for more information on the amazing Clay Paky a.leda B-EYE K20.



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