Battery LED Lights get Muscular

Battery LED Lights get Muscular


The ResX team have been very happy to take delivery of the first batch of Hercules battery LED washes in the country . These units have a lot going on inside a small body, they’re RGBW driven by four  ten watt CREE LEDs, have an IP 64 rating making them ideal for outdoor applications, also equipped  with WDMX and a 24v lithium battery means they can run completely wireless for up to nine hours.

While the Hercules is the perfect outdoor LED the sleek design and ability to hang means it’s just as at home in a ballroom or function space. The versatility of a manual zoom (15-30°) makes the Hercules a light that can accent a feature or wash a wall in ever changing colours.

“After 3 years of searching we’ve finally found something we like.” Tim Hall Managing Director of Resolution X.



The ShowPro Hercules is equipped with powercon and 5pin DMX (in and out) if you don’t want to run wireless. The units can be charged individually via the powercon or in their six-way case. The case also has a cut-off switch so the units won’t overheat if the lid is closed. The unit’s output runs at 40 Hz so it won’t flicker on camera. There are also five different control modes (ranging from 3 – 10 channels) there is also a variety of auto modes and  master-slave mode for simple set-ups. More info 



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