Res X now stocks Gerriets Kabuki G2 Curtain Drop System

Res X now stocks Gerriets Kabuki G2 Curtain Drop System

For hundreds of years Japanese Kabuki theatre has featured an array of spectacular stage effects from flying actors over the stage and audience, revolving stages, quick change costumes, trapdoors and flipping scenery.

The best known is the furiotoshi, or simply, Kabuki Drop. This is a dramatic method to change scenes in full light, by releasing a whole curtain which drops out of view at the speed of gravity. Traditionally, this is achieved using ropes to turn a bamboo pole that has a set of prongs to hold the curtain, but here at Res X we have a rather more 21st century solution.

ResX now has a good stock of the brand new Gerriets Kabuki G2 Curtain Drop System which can reliably drop any type of curtain in a fraction of a second.  After using the Gerriets system on Master Peter’s Puppets Peter Darby of the Victorian Opera commented “Flawless! Easy to setup, easy to reset and released, bang on cue show after show. We had complete confidence so much so we installed it the afternoon of the opening night.”

This Gerriets Kabuki G2 Curtain Drop System consists of individual release units, so you can control any size drop, from a single handkerchief, to a whole function room and stagger the drops in stages. Even the heaviest drapes can be used as each unit is rated to 50Kg and is activated simply by turning on 240V power ensuring your drop happens on cue every time.

From Japanese theatre to modern events, Kabuki drops always add a touch of wow!

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