Res X take on more Clay Paky Alpha 700 Profiles

Res X take on more Clay Paky Alpha 700 Profiles

Resolution X have added more Clay Paky Alpha 700 Profiles to their existing stock bringing the total to twenty-six.

“We bought our first batch in late 2011 and have since bolstered our numbers due to their popularity,” commented Marcus Pugh, Res X’s Business Development Manager. “The real winning factor with these has been the reliable and accurate shaping shutter module within a lightweight compact fixture. ”

The Clay Paky Alpha 700 Profiles went straight out to the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Runway show in the Peninsula room of Central Pier. Lighting designer Chad Spencer used ten Clay Paky Alpha 700 Profiles and two Clay Paky Alpha 1500 Profiles to assist in lighting the 55 metre catwalk.

“We used traditional catwalk lighting but also included down the spine of the room through the centre truss which is part of the house truss, the Alpha 700 profiles to add texture and colour to the floor,” remarked Chad. “The two Alpha 1500’s were used to dress two white flats at the end of the catwalk. The Alpha 700’s are great and have a fantastic zoom range which is really important for me as it makes them a very versatile fixture.”

Chad also made use of the in house Martin MAC101 moving head LED fixtures – all 120 of them!

“Having them there, ready to go in house was just awesome and they really helped to set the mood in the room,” said Chad. “They were very helpful.”


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